Make a cutting board from Yaotsu wood


Neglected forests, where sunlight does not reach the ground and remains dim, the ground floor has little to no grass growing, and the nutritionally deprived trees are too slender and weak to be used as building materials or for making tools. Such forests become inhospitable for wildlife, and the hardened soil can cause floods and landslides during heavy rains, leading to various problems. Artificial forests require proper management, including thinning out unnecessary trees. However, if there is no demand for timber as a mountain and forest resource, lumberjacks cannot sustainably cut trees. It is beneficial for humans, forests, and nature to watch over the long term and coexist skillfully while consuming wood. Therefore, it is essential to create 'new demands for forest resources.'
In this experience, we will observe the current state of artificial forests, understand the process of cutting trees to make products and think about the rich natural environment that healthy trees and forests provide us.


In 2023, the event will be held at the monitor price. Expenses related to food and drinks and expenses incurred outside of the experience program are the responsibility of the participant.


  • 9:30Gather at Yaotsu Family Center
  • 10:00Arrive at forestry work site
  • 12:00Lunch Time
  • 14:00Arrive at Rat Design Shop
  • 14:15Start Woodworking experience/Teacher :: Ratnar Sam
  • 16:00End Woodworking experience・Disbands as soon as questionnaire is completed



We have prepared the work process for the woodworking experience so that you can participate safely, but if you are bringing small children, please carefully check the content of the experience and make sure that your child can participate. Please consider carefully.