The ``Small House'' Experience Accommodation Area'' allows you to rent an area that includes a 10㎡ ``Small House.''
You are allowed to bring your own tent and tarp, so even beginners of camping can enjoy this popular outdoor style.
Spend a lively time with your family or friends, or spend a quiet time alone, lost in thought.
If I buy a "small house", how can I use it? What kind of time can you spend?
It might be a good idea to actually experience the 10m2 space and spend some time carefully planning your idea before making a purchase.
At an altitude of 630 meters, enjoy a relaxing and private space in the midst of nature in a luxurious environment unparalleled at other camping facilities.

  • 小さな家 KIIDAKE

    〒505-0421 八百津町福地35-1
  • TEL:0574451766
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  • エリア情報Area information


    The area is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of about 600 meters, where summers are cool and midwinter is cold.According to the history of Yaotsu Town, the place name Fukuchi is an ancient name, and since the time when the village was developed, it has been given a name with auspicious characters. It is said that it was named after this.
    Despite having the highest aging rate in the town, there are many activities to revitalize the town that make use of the rich natural resources of the land, including the "Irodori Village", which is enlivened by local volunteers.
    Mt. Kengyozan, the highest peak in the town, is a symbolic mountain in this area, and many climbers take the gentle mountain path from the trailhead (650m above sea level) to the summit (905m above sea level). I aim for it. The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular, and if the weather is nice, you can see the streets of neighboring cities, towns and villages, the skyscrapers of Nagoya, the Central Alps, and Mt. Ontake.

  • 周辺情報Peripheral_information

    Town revitalization activities that make use of the natural resources of the land are thriving.

    Miyukiyama Irodorimura trailhead, Fukuchi Irodorimura, Restaurant Nekko (limited to one group per day), Ryokaen Seicha, Cafe/Izakaya Rinrin, Fukuchi Soba Hanami,