Located in the center of Yaotsu Town, it is the perfect location as a base for touring Yaotsu.

  • まつや旅館

    〒505-0301 岐阜県加茂郡八百津町八百津3929−3
  • TEL:0574430048
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  • エリア情報Area information


    The Yaotsu area is located in the center of Yaotsu town.
    In the past, Yaotsu was a key point for assembling timber harvested in the upper reaches of the Kiso River into rafts, and at the same time, it was also a place where various products were traded.
    ``Kurose Minato'' developed as a commercial town, where regular markets were held, and wholesalers and merchant houses were lined up. ``Nishikori Minato'' was a river port that developed as a Kiso lumber netting and rafting area from the Edo period. was placed there.
    Today, the remains of the Minato Lighthouse serve as a nightlight at Kawakami Shrine next to Yaotsu Bridge, praying for the safety of boats.
    The Yaotsu-cho Honmachi Shopping Street, which stretches north from the site, is lined with Japanese confectionery shops that sell Yaotsu-cho's specialty product, Kurikinton, as well as breweries and stores that sell brewed products.

  • 周辺情報Peripheral_information

    Yaotsucho Honmachi Shopping Street

    Kuramoto Yamada, Hanamori Sake Brewery, General Restaurant Sankatsuya, Coffee Goho, Uosho (restaurant), Shoki (restaurant), Cafe Restaurant Nanten, Gallery Cafe Kodemari, Snacks/Cafe Lemon, Cuisine Goho Falls, Soba Hinaya Chinchikurin, Tsutabu Noodle Factory, Misodaira Jozo (Yamakono) and Otsu Rice, Shiba Shoten, Japanese sweets Kameki Sohonke, Japanese sweets Midoriya Long Store, Japanese sweets Umeya, Hasegawa Dolls, Furuta Clock shop, Uchibori Jozo, Niku no Mitakeya, Watage no Ie Cafe Watage, specialty products/cafe Aji Kobo, Yaotsu Senbei Honpo, Hinomaru Seika, Minoya Honten (Mino Food Confectionery), Yaotsu Senbei Kyodo Union, Chaka House