Kutami, Yaotsu Town, Gifu Prefecture, approximately 500 meters above sea level.
Relax in a Japanese-style lodge that offers delicious seasonal food and a relaxing Japanese style, surrounded by nature, preserving the original scenery of Japan.
The Yaotsu-cho area, located about an hour and a half from Nagoya, is dotted with a number of golf courses surrounded by nature, making it the perfect location for overnight stays.

  • 四季を奏でる里の宿 | 泊り家あかね

    〒505-0422 岐阜県加茂郡八百津町久田見1220-6
  • TEL:0574492211
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  • エリア情報Area information

    Kutami, a plateau with an altitude of about 520m

    It once flourished as an important small inn on the Hida Highway, which branched off from the Nakasendo road and ran through the Yaotsu district of Yaotsu Town to Shinshu (Nagano Prefecture) and Hida. Even today, there are shopping streets, nursery schools, elementary and junior high schools, government offices, police boxes, post offices, shrines, temples, etc., forming a cohesive village. The Kutami Itokiri Karakuri Festival is said to have started around 1590, and is now held on the third Sunday of April every year. The technique of ``Itokiri Karakuri'', which is performed using six floats, has been selected as a national intangible folk cultural property, and is also designated as an important intangible cultural property of Gifu Prefecture, making it a must-see. This area is located about 20 minutes by car from Yaotsu city center (approximately 120m above sea level). How about taking a drive, cycling, or touring to the highland village filled with delicious air?

  • 周辺情報Peripheral_information

    A town that once flourished as an important small inn on the Hida Highway.

    Yamadaya Project Cafe Aoyagi / Yaotsu Town Tea Association / Iwahira Tea Garden / Kutami fried tofu "Maruto Tofu Store" / Kirin Kisogawa Water Source Forest / Fusahime Sakura / Friendly Park Ohira