Yaotsu Town is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and with the blessings of rich nature and water, it has an original landscape typical of a satoyama village. However, due to a lack of workers due to depopulation and aging, the fields that once formed the original landscape are increasingly being abandoned. A long time ago, children used to walk to school along rice field roads. From now on, will students be commuting to school through abandoned farmland or solar panels that have been converted to farmland? There is a sense of crisis locally that if things continue as they are, that future will arrive before too long. We want to leave the original scenery we saw when we were children to our future children. Is it important to start doing what you can do now to achieve this?

Experiments on the use of abandoned farmland

Even though it is called abandoned farmland, there are various ways to regenerate it depending on the length of time it has not been used, the type of soil, etc.

This time, we will try making soba noodles in an area that was originally used as a rice field but has been converted into a field. Buckwheat sown in the summer is ready for harvest in the fall. After harvesting, you will try making soba noodles using the flour at a later date.

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  • そば収獲体験[2023年秋]


    耕作放棄地といっても、利用されていない期間や、土の種類などにより再生方法は様々です。 今回は、元々田んぼとして使われていた農地を畑に転換した場所でそば作りに挑戦します。 夏に種まきをしたそばは…