How to spend your time in the mountain village

While each one of them spends their time in this place as they like. Everyone gathers at the “small house” with the voice of “It’s a snack!” “Let’s start preparing dinner,” a voice says, and preparations for the fire begin. Would you like to spend some relaxing time together? Day trip participants without overnight stays are also welcome! (*Reservation required) During the first event, it rained heavily. . I posted a video of me playing with my bike on another day and spending time at the “small house.” ↓↓

A “small house” packed with the charm of natural wood from Gifu Prefecture

We aim to build attractive homes that make full use of the goodness of natural wood, and we will connect this activity to the creation of sustainable forests. Artificial forests need to be properly managed and cared for, including through thinning, which involves cutting down unnecessary trees. However, if there is no demand for wood, which is a resource in the mountains, woodcutters cannot continue cutting trees. That is why it is necessary to create “new demand for forest resources.” Taking a long-term view and coexisting wisely while consuming trees will have a positive effect on both people and the forest.

“Little House” Gifu Trial Accommodation Area

A private space surrounded by nature at an altitude of 630 meters

The “Small House” Experience Accommodation Area” allows you to rent an area that includes a 10㎡ “Small House.” You are allowed to bring your own tent and tarp, so even beginners of camping can enjoy this popular outdoor style. Spend a lively time with your family or friends, or spend a quiet time alone, lost in thought. If I buy a “small house”, how can I use it? What kind of time can you spend? It might be a good idea to actually experience the 10m2 space and spend some time carefully planning your idea before making a purchase. Spend a relaxing time in a private space surrounded by nature at an altitude of 630 meters in a luxurious environment unparalleled at other camping facilities.

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